Monday Musings

After just one photography adventure together, Harper already believes anytime she sees the camera that another adventure is about to begin.  The days of leaving her indoors are behind us, but while she has now started chasing squirrels on the leash, she has no idea a hawk is watching her antics.

Shots have to be taken quickly as I monitor what stick or leaf she is trying to chew, but somehow

a theme develops on the walks as we witness nature expressing itself.  We discover the introvert leaf thrilled to be hanging out alone,

the rad leaf with its new tattoo and

the hippie leaf decked out in fabulous tie-die colors.  Of course, Harper missed all of this as I removed another stick from her mouth.

18 responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. haha You have different interests – Harper’s being much closer to the ground, where she is! 😀
    But watch out for her with birds of prey. An owl tried to snatch my neighbour’s chihuahua once!!

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    1. It appears she wants to know why she can’t carry around a stick since I spend so much time looking at them for photos.😁 I keep a close eye on her and she’s never far from me on the leash, but I’m hoping her coat allows the hawks to know the difference between her and the squirrels.😁

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      1. My kids always wanted to bring sticks home after a forest walk. We taught them to leave them leaning against a tree for the next person to walk with. Somehow I don’t think Harper would understand this concept! 😀

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      2. 😁Harper doesn’t want to share her toys or sticks!😁

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      3. hehe Little thing! 😀

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  2. Wonderful community of leaves! And dogs will be dogs. 😉

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  3. Toddlers! You have to watch them every second! 😉

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    1. 😁Every few weeks we’re in a new phase and she recently entered the terrible twos, I hope I survive.😁


  4. Heh. Some little dogs can be like a Hoover. 😆 I had a neighbor with a Shih Tzu. That dog consumed everything…food, twigs, rocks, plastic. My neighbor said he had colorful poops. 😆

    Love the shots.

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    1. 😁Thank you!😁 I’m glad she has quit trying to eat acorns and rocks, but indoors the little Hoover helps me make sure the floors are spotless.😁


  5. 🙂 Look out, Harper! Great shots of the last of fall! 🙂

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