Monday Musings

I’m not one to really believe things are abruptly going to change since we’re in a new year, but I have to admit on my new optimistic path that I was a little disappointed with the first weekend of this new decade.  The weather was a very dismal gray, the world news is even more dismal, my football teams continue to lose and the photography options were very limited.  I was envious thinking about the great photo opportunities along the Great Lakes with gale warnings and ten foot waves, but all it took to adjust my attitude was one little squirrel at the park reminding me how lucky I was to find such a charming model among a few snowflakes instead of raindrops. 

I then begin to see things differently and admired this duck that looked impressive against the beautiful gray background and

had the strange opportunity to enjoy a very brief sunrise with one of our thirty turkeys visiting daily.

Now that I ponder the state of the weekend vibes again, nature had a way of making some things look brighter than I initially remembered.