Monday Musings

After a day indoors watching the record January rainfall and the turkeys trying to hide from the rain, 

I awoke Sunday thankful the worst of the storm missed us, but hoping for a beautiful winter morning of photography only to discover trees with no icicles or snow.  After a quick attitude adjustment (ok, it might have taken a few cups of coffee), I appreciated the people and animals that had to be out in this weather and the San Francisco 49ers win.

It was nice to see backyard visitors that have not stopped by in awhile

and members of the backyard gang enjoying snacks

throughout the day whenever they had the chance.

13 responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. Beautiful pictures, even without the snow. Especially that top one of the deer. In my area of central Maine, the ice storm missed us, and we had rain instead. Even though the landscape is now ugly and bare, I am grateful there was no ice or power outages in my town. (A little north it did get icy.)

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I don’t recall ever having a winter like this and it is going to be an absolute shock when it finally arrives. I’ve hardly worn a winter coat as a hoodie and vest have been enough and I still can’t believe there wasn’t one icicle or snowflake in the trees!🙂

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      1. Weird is the new normal.

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  2. I am envious of your rain! 😀
    But Gee – you have such marvellous visitors! 😀

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I will happily trade you our rain and any snow that finally falls for one day of your sunshine, I’ll even throw in a turkey!😁

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      1. haha It’s a deal! 😀

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  3. Beautiful pics, the coffee was worth it. Sadly I have nothing to trade as yet again I set off to work in a downpour and the promise of a cold grey day with no snow forecast at all.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I just want a light dusting of beautiful snow, but now we have a winter storm warning followed by rain.❄️☔️❄️☔️❄️

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