The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

There was a moment this week with another day of dreary gray skies and the talk of diets, organization and taxes constantly on the news that I thought no wonder January is such a long month.  I’ve always believed in maintaining balance,

somedays that does require a chocolate chip cookie in each hand (especially if they’re Great Harvest Bread Co. Retro Chocolate Chip Cookies), and that no one should begin the year asking if their hips are too wide.

No sense worrying about some things when you know great snacks are on the way with the football Championship games this weekend (hoping for a Green Bay Packers/Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl) and you just want to dive into

that fabulous spinach artichoke dip that you’re willing to share with others as long as there is no double-dipping.

There is nothing wrong if the fine line of healthy living fluctuates daily as you 

continue to enjoy laps around the lake throughout the year

and being happy with yourself in the moment.

9 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

    • Thank you!😁 Those chocolate chip cookies are so good and thank god I have some in the house for the weekend as a winter storm arrives tonight. Then again, they’re even worth putting on the snowshoes if the roads are too bad and I have to run out for more!🍪🍪😁 Enjoy the weekend and I’m sure someone has created a chocolate chip cookie beer!😁


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