Saturday Songs – Tin Cup Chalice

Saturday Songs – Tin Cup Chalice

“Sailboats, They Go Searchin’ For The Breeze” – Jimmy Buffett

I want to thank everyone that has stopped by for a visit or left a wonderful comment over the last five years that helped encourage me to finally begin a photography business.  I had no idea what I was doing when I began this blog, so much so that I had it set to private for awhile, but it’s grown to over 2,000 followers and I have absolutely enjoyed the blogging community and how much it has helped improve my photography.  I’m excited about this new challenge and discovering where Curious Wandering will lead.  If you’re interested in purchasing a print of this photo or seeing what other photos I have added to my gallery so far, please visit my SmugMug site,  As with blogging, there is so much to learn and discover and I would appreciate any suggestions, thoughts, or advice.  I plan on continuing a daily contribution to both websites.  Thank you again for all the wonderful support and comments that gave me the courage to begin wandering down this new road.

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