Monday Musings

Monday Musings

During the first winter weekend without any football games and more rain, since it appears January has become the new rainy season in Michigan,

it was time to finally go outdoors and join the animals as everyone’s favorable opinion of winter is skating on thin ice.

Thankfully the squirrels and turkeys have provided plenty of entertainment in place of football as they battle for the bird feeders with the squirrels consistently winning the match and

a few turkeys have lost their mind thinking they need better seats on top of the truck to watch all the action.

I guess not everyone can be the perfect little guests like our adorable chickadees.

20 responses to “Monday Musings”

    • Love all the wonderful seasons in Michigan, but not a fan of rain in January. It’s been a strange winter here and over the weekend I was remembering the historic ‘78 snowstorm while reading about it in the local paper. While I don’t necessarily need that much snow, I love a snowy winter from December to mid February.❄️❄️🙂

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      • Rain is indeed odd in January. I’ve been in Las Vegas a bit over 6 years now, don’t miss the nasty winters but do miss snowmobiling! I grew up with a sled under my bum! I was in High School in 1978 and remember that snowstorm well. We were riding snowmobiles up and down the main roads! No way the cops were gonna catch us! I was in Waterford.

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      • Thanks, Las Vegas has 300+ days per year of sunshine, a very attractive reason among others why I stayed.

        You should be able to find a solid used sled somewhere. I found a nice used sled at a local snowmobile and quad dealer in Lapeer some years ago, ran great.

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