One never knows what thoughts you may reflect on during a photography outing, so on a cold winter morning

after watching episodes the previous evening of my favorite tv shows this year, Prodigal Son and Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector, I was surprised when thoughts turned to career choices.  For years while I sat behind a desk not excited about my accounting career, I dreamed of being a writer, historian/researcher, an FBI profiler or a photographer as the calculator and keyboard keys were clicking (with no idea that one day I would be taking photos with an iPhone).

I’m always vigilant walking alone in parks and scan the parking lot for strange characters and somehow before I knew it I was creating an FBI profiler crime scene for my dream first mystery book, Death Along The Frozen Shore, and luckily the killer left his footprint as the first clue.

The profiler, Susan, is an avid fan of Sherlock Holmes and, while not as adept as Watson, her sidekick Harper claimed she could track the footprints into the woods.

I fell for her tracking skills hook, line and sinker before we had to circle back

and make the serious consideration that we would need to cross the scary expanse of ice to interview the ice fishermen who may have witnessed the crime.

The profiler’s fear of the ice was equal to the fear of the killer lurking in the woods, so the case had to be wrapped up quickly before they were forced to cross the ice.  After skills acquired by watching CSI for years, they stopped and investigated a leaf they believed was dropped from the killer’s clothes on the ice that could be traced back to a tree in a nearby neighborhood.  Matching footprints were discovered in the yard leading to the front door and it was a quick conclusion to a very, very short mystery tale.  I wish my accounting career had wrapped up that quickly.    

If you’re curious about some of my other photos, please visit my photography site Curious Wandering.

20 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. Case closed! Is that the fearless and sometimes impetuous Harper? Inclined to skate on thin ice?
    Thanks for a good read, and here’s hoping future outings inspire further stories! (Don’t accountants often come to a bad end in many tales? Too many books cooked…)
    Enjoy your weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!😁 I can’t get over my fear of walking across the ice, but brave little Harper was determined to solve the case and ready to drag me across the ice.😁 I love the movie The Accountant starring Ben Affleck in which he proves no one is a match for the accountant!! Enjoy the weekend and I’ll be cheering for Ireland, Scotland/England and France!😁


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