The Week In Seven Photos

So, this week should only be about celebrating that Harper is one year old,

but I discovered my first gray hair this week and while initial thought was it’s because I’m old, I would rather blame surviving a year with a puppy at this age.

I tried the Harper excuse for old age on my niece, but she was still to busy laughing over the fact that I had just told her I was excited about the new Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chill’d ice cream and that I was too old to have any idea that chill has a new meaning.  I asked her who had the half baked idea

to change the meaning of chill (relax) and she told me that before I go desperately asking every store clerk for Netflix & Chill I should google the phrase.  I reminded her that maybe I’m too old to know how to use the google.  I was ready to respond with some unpleasant comment about millennials, but before I could speak she told me not to throw any shade her way (maybe a splash of very cold water will help clear all this confusion).

I actually did not have to look up “throw shade,” but OMG (I hope that means what I think it means) what other nuances have I missed in my recent decline into old age because of Harper (is it possible that one of Harper’s gray hairs actually floated in the wind and landed in my hair???).

Due to my FOMO (I could really have fun with that one) I may need to put my researcher skills to work and spend a day researching all the other millennial changes that have occurred while falling into old age.  This actually might explain why Harper and I are having communication problems during our dogversations

because she’s a new generation of dog and has a different interpretation of what I’m saying throughout the day and constantly refuses to understand the meaning of please look at the camera.

I thought I was doing fine adjusting to middle age, which had a much better vibe before the gray hair, but since I’m too slow to catch Harper as she races through the house with my niece laughing in the background, maybe it’s time to face I’m old and in need of a drink and ice cream (might explain the additional photo this week).

16 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. I love your story line this week and your dog is absolutely adorable. I was a bit shocked when I Googled “Netflix and chill.” Yikes, I had no idea! I fear that I am irreparably out of touch with today’s younger generations.

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    1. Thank you and yikes is right!😁 I can’t believe since I began blogging how many times I’ve looked up a phrase and discovered a new meaning, but I never imagined that ice cream and Netflix would not be a safe topic.😁 Harper has been an absolute joy this year, even on her wild days that I’m sure have caused a few gray hairs, but I’m not looking for more.😁


  2. Oh, too funny! As a boomer, I had no idea about the the various slang used by Millennials. Well, every generation has its slang, and most of it doesn’t age particularly well. (Groovy, I’m thinking of you!) Harper, as always, is adorable. That Haagen-Daz looks fantastic. As for gray hair…it started when I was in my thirties. Now my hair could be called salt and pepper, and I actually like it. 😉

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    1. Thank you!😁 The younger generations have begun using the phrase “OK Boomer” to mock outdated older generations that keep picking on them and even though I’m from Generation X, I’m feeling very outdated these days on my language skills. Harper had a great birthday week and I enjoyed using that gray hair as an excuse to buy that fantastic Haagen-Dazs ice cream! I’m sure the next year with Harper will add a few more gray hairs and I may have to go my hair stylist with a photo of Diane Keaton’s wonderful gray hair for a new style.😁

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  3. Happy Birthday Harper! You’ve made it past the worst, S! Puppies and kittens are not something I hope to deal with ever again, and if I ever weaken, I hope someone shakes me awake, ha!
    Think of gray hair as a badge of courage, testament to the travails you’ve endured. 😉
    I’m even more ignorant than you when it comes to Millennial slang. I figure each generation has its own language to put off the older generation. Didn’t we? 😉 The dismissive, “OK, Boomer” annoys me, though. What do these young whippersnappers know, anyway? 😀
    That Hagendaz ‘Spirits’ looks like one I need to try! ❤

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    1. Thank you!🐾😁 My mother had joked about my age and puppies before Harper and it was worse than both of us knew (pretty soon Harper and I will have matching jerseys and silver hair)!!😁 I’m still more excited about the pet bakery than Harper, but after that cake I think she will be excited the next time. Finally a phrase I recognize and use as Harper has been called a little whippersnapper (the younger generations are so annoyed with us that they even have “OK Boomer” T-shirts). The Spirits ice cream is so good that I was even enjoying it on our coldest day of the season!😁

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  4. Very funny. This was greatly entertaining. Thanks!

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    1. Thank you and glad you enjoyed my midlife musings!😁


  5. Fun post, ACI, between the unknown phrases, millennials, midlife, and Harper. I especially like the third photo of the frigid shoreline of the Great Lake.

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    1. Thank you!😁 Harper did a better job adjusting to the frigid temps along the shoreline than I have adjusting to the millennials and gray hair!😁

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  6. Thanks for this, most amusing! Happy Birthday, Harper – the shot on the ice shore is a winner!
    Tempted to try any ice cream laced with something to take the edge off some of the delights of modern living. Working with teens, I have a dim awareness of slang and how it changes over the years. The creativity is sometimes funny, if rarely appropriate, and every generation seems to have a language that defines (and then dates) them.
    Grey hair? At least it’s hair!

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    1. Thank you!😁 Harper loved her birthday celebration and enjoyed the very cold day at the park and climbing closer to the water than I expected. The delicious Spirits ice cream helped improve my old age attitude (they even have a Stout version), but I’ve given up on trying to understand the millennials or why Harper and I have a communication problem.😁 I’ve already added the first Sean Duffy book by Adrian McKinty to my library and also discovered a Belfast Noir short story collection (including one by Lee Child) edited by McKinty that I also had to add. Between the political news, someone new writing the Reacher novels and Harper, I’m going to be totally gray by the end of the year!😁


  7. Happy birthday Harper from a well wisher from a previous age who still thinks it’s ok to use words like ace, fab and groovy. Am going to ask my just pre millennial daughter if she knows what Netflix and chill means. Maybe the latest cool slang will elude her on day. Congrats on the grey hair btw, I hide mine under hair dye or whatever it’s called these days. Fun post 😂😁

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    1. 😁Thank you and I wonder what little phrases Harper is using when she’s barking at me!🐾😁 I have to admit I enjoy some of the texting abbreviations created by these youngsters, but my niece said that I can’t make up new meanings if I don’t know what they mean. The cure to gray hair is hair dye or more baseball hats!😁

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      1. I have to admit to making up new words and phrases. Little wonder that only I use them.

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