The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

Harper was so excited to hear about the return of Bryce Harper this weekend with the beginning of baseball spring training that both ears went straight up in the air, 

but then again they could have been from standing too long in the bitter cold wind

admiring the ice.

We won’t have to be envious of the Florida sunshine on the TV while watching the games,

as we have springlike weather this weekend and the longest stretch of blue skies since July.  The birds are going to enjoy the sunshine on their beautiful wings, but

it’s still probably a little to early for the geese to worry about the kayakers joining them in the water.

During this cold spell I’m glad I watched a few things on my watchlist, Interrogation, Knives Out and Fleabag, in between trips to the lake for the great ice show, so I can enjoy an early spring weekend and baseball.

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    • Thank you!🐾🙂 I’ve loved the blue skies (almost enough to forget the cold conditions), but I always worry about Harper’s little ears and paws while we’re out freezing. Surprisingly the frigid weather hasn’t bothered her and lucky for me since this park is a favorite that so far this is also her favorite park.🐾🙂

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    • Thank you and we have one more day of blue skies!🙂 Even with as much as I’ve complained about our gray skies over the last year, I was still amazed to read that this was our longest stretch of blue skies since July. I keep waiting for our seasons to return to normal, but I’m afraid that might not happen.

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