The Week In Seven Photos

Often when I look back at the week, I try to concentrate on the simple enjoyments of life, but sometimes

the universe makes you look at things more seriously.

As the political season continues to go off the rails in the midst of the CDC warning this week concerning the Coronavirus, it felt like the quietest and safest place to go while recovering from a cold was out in nature where not many people venture to enjoy the birds during winter (there are swans and a sandhill crane in the distance).

You try to not live in fear of your surroundings, even though I worry often about what Harper encounters on her little paws with all the backyard and park traffic, but

with family members with serious health issues that make them vulnerable, we always take extra precautions during cold and flu season (we already have a supply of face masks, dry hands from so much hand washing and Harper refusing to accept she needs her paws wiped constantly).  It’s time to be even more aware and to stock up on a few extra supplies for everyone and 

hopefully there will not be any fighting over the last peanut or Pop-Tarts and

we can be thankful for the quiet days in nature and a well stocked library and watchlist.