No Sports Saturday

I’m very aware of the seriousness of events occurring right now, but please allow me to rant for a few seconds about the first Saturday in my lifetime without sports and an extended stoppage of play of all sports.  No March Madness in March, no March Madness brackets (and losing to my brother for another year), no home runs by Bryce Harper, no goals by Ovechkin, no dunks by LeBron, no birdies by Phil Mickelson, no goals by Tottenham and no sports for ESPN to cover.  I know I have plenty of books, TV shows and projects to fill the void, but sports have always been the background noise to my life (intermixed with my cheering and yelling) and it’s going to be mighty quiet for awhile.  

8 responses to “No Sports Saturday”

  1. True, no World Cup ski competitions today, either.

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    1. Very strange to not have sports and to watch the world shutting down public life.

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  2. Harsh cold turkey! Gosh, do they offer re-runs?

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    1. It’s been a shock to my system and why I can’t watch sports re-runs, I’ve already started rewatching some of my favorite movies.🙂

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  3. Yup, feels strange. To be fair, I think Tottenham had stopped scoring goals already…
    Take care!

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    1. I thought that too about Tottenham while writing the post, but I just know Mourinho had a genius plan in the works to fix the Spurs and Kane was ready to make an early return.😁


  4. You rant all you like, lass. It’s really sad to be without our sport amongst many other things. No Premiership or any other football so no Bruno Fernandez magic now Man Utd have started to perform. No Grand National…still, at least our sports will return at some point, what a happy day to look forward to 😁

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    1. I’m still ranting every day!!😁 Each day it seems the cancellations go further into the year and some days I wonder if I’ll see any of my favorites out playing again this year, but I will be screaming and celebrating when it happens!🙂

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