Monday Musings

Nothing feels normal right now as our state continues to shutdown more every day (universities and schools closed, sports and concerts cancelled, work at home where possible, restaurants and bars reduced to 50% capacity, Apple and Lululemon stores closed, 250 limit on gatherings and grocery stores reducing their hours).  Somehow there were moments this weekend when everything still felt like a typical March day.  The ice has melted on the inland lakes and my niece refused to believe for another year that kayaking in 35 degree weather is enjoyable, while

there were many people out going about their normal weekend activities before the official end of the season.

I was reminded of social distancing everywhere I went as every nearby cough echoed loudly around me and people wanted to talk and share their concerns.  While the grocery stores had crowds that I only see at Christmas, the parks still maintained a comfortable social distance

and I have a feeling that the newly arrived birds will have many new birdwatchers as people seek different lifestyle choices.