Monday Musings

Obviously I’ve already been spending too much time in my backyard because the turkeys are beginning to let me know that I’m violating their social space.

I’ve received endless notifications on my phone about all the things I could be doing during this crisis to improve myself or my attitude and honestly they’re irritating me a little, especially since I’ve noticed listening to disco music is not on any of the lists and the turkeys really enjoy me singing Shake Your Grove Thing while they strut through the yard all day (trust me, listen to the tune and you’ll feel your shoulders begin to relax).

Winter returned for the beginning of spring and some of the lakes had a shimmer of ice,

the leaves awaiting spring cleanup were dusted with frost and

the parks were not as busy as the cold and closing of playgrounds kept more people indoors.

13 responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. haha Your Turkeys sound like my Squirrels! It is Their yard, not ours! 😀
    Your cold snap does look beautiful, even tho I appreciate you’d like to see Spring by now! 🙂
    And how sad that deserted playground looks!

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    1. Woke up to snow this morning and after a few years of visiting, the turkeys feel right at home now!😁

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      1. More snow! Gosh!
        Yes – the turkeys have become your Pets! 😀

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      2. I really hope I don’t try to name all of them!!😁

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  2. What’s the matter with them for not putting disco on the list? 😉 The turkey peeking around the tree is fun, and the frosty leaves are lovely.

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    1. Thank you and I still love disco!!😁


  3. The look of disdain I got from Scout when I attempted to shake my groove thing. Oh well!

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    1. Thanks for the laugh!!😁 It’s probably very similar to the look I get from Harper while I’m singing many of my favorites on the 70s on 7 station.😁


  4. Haha! Your post made me giggle. Thank you. 😁

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    1. 😁Thank you and I’m glad we could share a laugh!😁

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  5. Message to turkeys: Dudes, shake your groove thing. I did this morning whilst cleaning my teeth. And don’t forget to smile for the camera 😁🦃

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    1. 😁Thanks for the laugh and It has been a week of disco and the turkeys appreciating my musical tastes more than Harper!😁

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