The Week In Seven Photos

Over the last week we have transitioned again and are now practicing aggressive social distancing and visits to the park are a thing of the past for the near future.

I thought following the recommendations and maintaining that six foot distance would leave me with a little sense of safety, but as our state rapidly became a hotspot I began to feel like a deer in the headlights seeing others at the grocery store and park.

I wish I had consulted with the squirrels, who still have a supply of cones remaining after winter, about my stockpile strategy.  Grocery delivery is a week away and I’m in desperate need to refill my stash of M&M’s (trust me, M&M’s are essential in my food pyramid).

I’ve always tried to use current photos on my blog, but between staying home, Netflix, watching the Cuomo brothers on CNN and Harper choosing a fine time to go on strike after our photo shoot earlier in the week, you may begin to see more photos from the library, which I have discovered is in much worse shape than I imagined.

While Harper and I try to adjust to another new reality, at least the weather has improved so we can finally stay outdoors in the yard

watching spring romance

and nature staying right on schedule while the rest of us feel lost.