Saturday Songs – How We Roll

Saturday Songs – How We Roll

Fast Five Remix

10 responses to “Saturday Songs – How We Roll”

      • Will you be adding Keanu Reeves to the list of potential actors being considered to play the detective in the movie version of your book? Mrs PC said she would be happy to help you with those casting decisions.
        Tell no one, but I saw the last Rambo movie the other day, it was even worse than I thought it would be, and I enjoyed every last questionable minute of it…
        We watched Zombieland 2 yesterday, amusing enough if not as good as the first, but it all seems a bit too close to reality these days.
        Haven’t seen it myself yet, but Harper might like the new Harrison Ford “Call of the Wild”?

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      • 😁Now that I know I will have in-depth help with these casting interviews, I’m not only adding Keanu, but also Tom Hiddleston and Matthew McConaughey.😁 I love Woody Harrelson and Harrison Ford and plan on watching those movies, but with the mood Harper is in right now I might have to share The Expendables movies with her next, since it is impossible for Stallone to make a bad movie (I’ll definitely need to add Jason Statham to the list too)!😁


    • 😁I’ve been trying to restrict my online orders to essential items and now that I’m almost out of perfume there is probably no rush for placing an order since all I can smell is Lysol – the depressing scent of the year!😁

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