Stack Of New Books Can’t Be Taller Than Harper

Stack Of New Books Can’t Be Taller Than Harper

Self-Isolation Trend #5

For businesses that are allowed to stay open during the shutdown, curbside pickup is a new trend that is helping some businesses survive during these times and to help keep employees and customers as safe as possible.  I was catching up on The New York Times Book Review and discovered when I went to place an order for the latest Amos Decker book in the David Baldacci Memory Man series that my local bookstore, which is closed to customers, was offering curbside pickup.  I immediately placed an order online, received a text the next day that the order was ready and off we went in our masks to the bookstore (one of us looking more fashionable than the other) and collected our books on a cart outside the door.  I’m not sure if it was a good idea for me to discover I could still pickup books in the same day, so I’ve decided that a reasonable limit is that the stack of books cannot be taller than Harper.

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    • Thank you!🐾🙂 I keep searching for those little things that offer a moment of peace and, although I never imaged a world of virtual book shopping combined with curbside pickup, I loved picking up those books and Harper could finally go to the bookstore with me.📖🐾🙂

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    • 😁Thank you!🐾😁 Now that Harper knows she can go to the bookstore with me during our curbside pickup days, she believes a book and car ride a day should be essential to support the bookstore and improve our attitudes.🐾😁


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