Saturday Songs – A Foggy Day

Self-Isolation Trend #6

As you might notice from the photo it was not a foggy day, but a new trend that has developed with wearing a mask outdoors for a walk is that my glasses are constantly foggy.  Luckily I could hear geese honking in the direction of this family when I arrived at the park and my Nikon, which I often wish was as light as a point and shoot camera, turned into one as I was hoping it was focusing on the family since I could not see anything.   My photography skills are constantly being challenged lately by Harper pulling on the leash, birds moving too fast (why are they always in such a hurry???) and the inability to see what I’m actually trying to capture.  To complicate matters, hair salons have been closed during our shutdown and my hair was driving me so crazy I decided to attempt a haircut, without wearing my glasses.  Well, let’s just say that did not go well and now I’m always wearing a baseball hat with my mask, which is exacerbating the conditions as I continue to wander in a fog. 

Frank Sinatra