Saturday Songs – A Foggy Day

Self-Isolation Trend #6

As you might notice from the photo it was not a foggy day, but a new trend that has developed with wearing a mask outdoors for a walk is that my glasses are constantly foggy.  Luckily I could hear geese honking in the direction of this family when I arrived at the park and my Nikon, which I often wish was as light as a point and shoot camera, turned into one as I was hoping it was focusing on the family since I could not see anything.   My photography skills are constantly being challenged lately by Harper pulling on the leash, birds moving too fast (why are they always in such a hurry???) and the inability to see what I’m actually trying to capture.  To complicate matters, hair salons have been closed during our shutdown and my hair was driving me so crazy I decided to attempt a haircut, without wearing my glasses.  Well, let’s just say that did not go well and now I’m always wearing a baseball hat with my mask, which is exacerbating the conditions as I continue to wander in a fog. 

Frank Sinatra

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  1. If your glasses fog over while wearing your mask it’s because the seal around the top of the mask is loose. It needs to be tight over the bridge of your nose to stop warm air fogging your glasses. I have to wear masks has part of my job and I’m also a spectacle wearer. So well used to this problem.
    Hope this helps to brighten to day.

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    1. 😁Thank you!😁 I was hoping it was just the cold weather since winter refuses to go away, but now I’m hoping the new masks I ordered will end my foggy days and thanks for brightening my day!😎


  2. Love this shot. Worth all you went through to get it. 😊

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    1. 😁Thank you and I’m glad I kept clicking away!😁

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  3. I had to laugh at the description of your haircut and the baseball cap to the rescue. You are not alone, my friend. I’ve been tentatively trimming my own hair, and the best you could say is that it doesn’t look too bad. My husband, on the other hand, looks like a wild man, and he’s tempted to just shave it all off. On happier note, such a sweet picture of the goose and goslings.

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    1. 😁Thank you!😁 The first family on the lake, but with these foggy glasses it’s impossible to know what I’ve missed. After seeing my haircut and my grooming attempts on Harper, for some reason my husband has declined my haircut offer!😁

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  4. plaidcamper says:

    Thanks for the laugh! Im glad I have contacts – glasses fogging up used to drive me nuts. As for hair care, it’s not such a concern as it thins faster than it grows. That said, I used to buzz cut it on the shortest setting every week or so, but now, in a gesture of sympathy and understanding with near and dear ones who are worried about their hair, I’m growing it longer. I’m aiming for a monk with ponytail look. Mrs PC is hoping the vaccine arrives before then.

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    1. 😁Glad you enjoyed my latest trend, are making important hair adjustments for others and there you go again triggering another trend rant!!😁 I’ve always miscalculated when I need my next haircut and after 30 years my hair stylist is never surprised at my very stylish crooked bang look, but they better remain closed for a few more months so I don’t shock him this time!😁 Now on to the rant, I had to give up wearing contacts, that I loved wearing instead of glasses, and still have not adjusted. I did actually love the first two frames I was forced to wear, including the wonderful Jerry Garcia eyewear, but then between needing bifocals and fashion changes, I haven’t found a pair I’ve loved since then. Never mind that I loved buying too many pairs of sunglasses when I wore contacts and now that’s impossible! Then in the middle of all my contact lens envy, I discover the trend that glasses over the last decade are considered very fashionable/popular and many people with perfect vision wear glasses to look artsy or intellectual. Thank god I’m not the type to ask someone if they actually need to wear their glasses and then ask to try on their beautiful frames and somehow accidentally drop and step on them, because if they returned the favor, without my glasses I would never find my way back home.😎


  5. Eliza Waters says:

    I feel for you – the challenges of masks and glasses can be annoying. If optometrists were open, I expect contact lenses sales would be skyrocketing.
    Listening to the woes of those with layered hairstyles (not to mention dyed hair woes), makes me glad I went natural gray with a straight cut several years ago. Phew!

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    1. 😁Luckily you were saved from my contact lenses rant on a previous comment since I can no longer wear them and was upset about that fact prior to the new mask and foggy glasses issue!!😁 Some days I don’t even know who I am after these last few months and I may need a complete makeover eventually for my new identity!😎

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      1. Eliza Waters says:

        I don’t expect you’re alone in that desire!

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  6. jillslawit says:

    Oh I feel for you. I’m so glad I don’t have to wear a mask, I think I’d suffocate. I think I will soon need to get the kitchen scissors out though, at least I have lots of hats. At least the photo you couldn’t see came out very nicely.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I’m definitely not adjusting quickly to these masks, but I am planning on wearing one for some time and have ordered a few different styles hoping I find one that works. I did try to make my own and never should have tried to make my first one from a favorite t-shirt.😁

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