Monday Musings

I’ve always believed that major changes in life should be marked by something whether it is new thoughts, a lifestyle change, a new look, a phrase or quote that describes the change, but some personal statement that says going forward I’m looking at the world differently.  Now, during the shutdown these last few months I’ve somewhat achieved a new lifestyle pattern and a new look without a visit to my hair stylist and many a day had a variety of four letter words to describe a few things, but nothing I’ve thought of is nearly enough to capture this new world.  Sometimes when I watch the news and see the states that have reopened where life looks like our old world, I wonder if that will happen here after the quarantine phase.  I can look around my world and see how normal some things remain when it’s snowing in May in Michigan and

the tulips

and daffodils are blooming on their normal schedule, but

for now it is only my camera that is beginning to mark the change that I cannot put into words.