Monday Musings

Sitting on the dock and staring at the clouds with with so many rambling thoughts swirling around my head and

realizing I’ve been sucked into an abyss of mass confusion instead of needed answers, it was time to slow down for a moment and see if there were answers to be found for at least a few meaningless rambling thoughts.

First up, we have one turkey still visiting daily and what happened to the other thirty-five turkeys?  Is this one an introvert?  Following social distancing guidelines?  Tired of following the crowd?

My football masks finally arrived and is ordering only three of my favorite teams really enough or do we need to add a few more?  My mind has been slipping between rambling and ranting thoughts and with so many meaningful questions not being answered, feel free to help with a few rambling mindless debates.  Cold or hot pizza; crunchy or creamy peanut butter; coffee or tea; Pepsi or Coke; craft beer or big beer; hard cider or hard seltzer; red or white wine; what goes on a hot dog; waffles and chicken – without the chicken; steak and eggs – without the steak; is it rude to take the center piece of something to avoid the crunchy outer pieces; is it rude to ask my niece to wait to bake the last batch of cookies until I arrive so I can have a warm, delicious and gooey chocolate chip cookie with my coffee????  Harper also wants to know if you’re beginning to realize what she has to deal with daily!!!