The Week In Seven Photos

You know you have been in the house too long when you’ve driven the dog to a breakdown and you find yourself walking through the house chanting to yourself “who you gonna call, Ghostbusters!”  I’m not exactly sure what has occurred over these last two weeks, although I believe it began when I had to kill a bug she was tracking through the air in the house (I may have made quite a racket smashing a magazine against the blinds making sure I got it), but something has Harper constantly looking toward the ceiling or sky for bugs or ghosts.

Now, I have gotten a little carried away with looking at the clouds while we’re outside and maybe Harper has seen a ghost or two up there, but we are in the midst of full blown puppy panic attacks and I haven’t quite found the cure.

I’ve managed to watch several movies ( Hope Gap, Ordinary Love, Edie, Hangman, The Trip, 3 Days To Kill, A Walk In The Woods...) and read several great books while I spend the evenings holding her so she doesn’t shake.  For some reason she is fine all day, but there must be a ghost that is appearing and joining us for happy hour.  I did not know it would take panic attacks to finally have a lap dog and I might have changed my opinion about having a lap dog now that she prefers to sleep on my arm and it’s not easy to turn the pages in my books and reach for the wine (one of us needs to relax during these attacks).  I thought I would try to distract her with the flowers and blue skies outdoors after a few days of rain and, of course, the flowers were surrounded by bees, but thankfully we escaped before she noticed that little bee in the bottom of the shot (Harper wants you to know she heard and saw the bee and what was I thinking).

As a puppy she was stung or bitten on her belly a few times before she was finally tall enough to not have her belly touch the grass and

now she believes, even though I completely disagree, that out of respect to the chipmunks she really should take care of her business on the driveway (the turkeys set a bad example all winter).

At this point, all I know is that if E.T. is living in our attic she’s going to have to adjust, because he’s a favorite and he’s staying, but if I walk into the living room and she’s sitting in front of the television like in Poltergeist, we’re packing our bags and leaving before the flowers disappear from the trees.  

Things have slightly improved the last two nights, but I’m keeping a suitcase packed, because I’m almost ready to believe Harper and if I see a ghost we’re outta here!  I tried to talk Harper into the south coast of England after watching Hope Gap or the Scottish village of Lochinver after watching Edie, but Harper has voted for grandma’s house where there is always blue skies and no bugs and she is always spoiled, relaxed and happy.

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  1. Phew! Made me shiver just reading this post. Keep us posted.

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    1. Thankfully she’s having her best day this week and I’m hoping there’s nothing lurking in the shadows on the ceiling this evening. Vet offices were finally approved to open next week and I’m hoping we have this under control before her appointment.🐾🙂

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      1. Good luck! Keep us posted.

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  2. Poor Harper! I can completely sympathize with you on the lap animal. One of our cats is VERY lovey and cuddly, but lately she has gotten more clingy. I think it is more the colder than normal temps and she is looking for warmth, but her normal attempts to hog my ottoman have shifted to laying on top of my feet. I have no problem moving her when I need to move, but everyone else in the house will be like “My legs are numb.” When I tell them to just move her they all get sad eyes and say “But she looks so cozy!” And I wonder why she has no problem trying to take over.

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    1. 🙂It’s amazing how quickly they take control of the house.🙂 It’s funny that Harper always wants to be able to see me from her favorite spot on the couch, but I know I have to worry that something is wrong when she wants to be held. I almost thought after being held so much she might decide she enjoys being held, but so far today she’s finally calmed down and is back in her favorite spot. I have another movie and new book for tonight and I hope we have a calm evening.🐾🙂

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      1. She finally wanted to play again last night, so she was worn out and sleeping in her little bed while I watched the movie.🐾😁

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  3. Beautiful photos. Lots of hugs to Harper! Poor thing.

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    1. 🙂Thank you!🐾🙂 She’s been playing and had more energy today and while she continues to look at the ceiling all the time, it is not causing any panic today and I hope she finally relaxes this evening.🐾🙂

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      1. You could be right about the ghost. Is she scared of thunder? Just a thought.

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      2. She has a few issues, but luckily being afraid of thunder is not one of them, yet.🐾🙂

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  4. Is your house built on an old burial ground?! Between seeing dead people and the spirits living in the television, it’s probably time for Harper’s camping trip to Scotland. Although the bugs in summer over there can be a pain! She’d get lots of exercise chasing midges…
    Looks like the next training step is for Harper to nudge to the next page as you read, then you’re free to reach for your glass as needed. Maybe don’t watch the Pet Sematary remake just yet. Hugely silly and entertaining but perhaps not for now?
    If shutdown restrictions ease enough, maybe you can look up your nearest reliable medium, hold a seance and get things sorted? In the movies, they always go well…
    I hope the weekend is a calm one!

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    1. Each day I have a new theory for the problem and today I wondered if she just finally noticed that there is a ceiling in each room .🐾😁 Gabby use to love to bark at the ceiling fans and where she was ready to challenge the world, Harper still is very cautious and nervous and may think that the fan is chasing her. Although maybe she’s getting a little braver, for the first time she wanted to attack the bags of top soil when she first spotted them in the driveway today. She’s finally somewhat relaxed today and I’m hoping I can watch The Trip To Greece (final installment of The Trip series) tonight and enjoy a glass of wine. We’ll definitely be skipping seances and horror films for awhile and continuing to enjoy our travel and camping through movies and TV series. I certainly hope now that I’ve also noticed she shakes often listening to my music in the car that I won’t need to switch to a calming classical music station.🐾😁 Enjoy the weekend!😁


  5. Poor Harper! I hope this is just a passing phase!

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    1. Thank you!🐾🙂 We’ve had a few fearful phases, but nothing like what has been happening lately. Yesterday she was back to wanting to play and not be held in the evening, but she’s still looking at the ceiling suspiciously.🐾🙂

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