Monday Musings

Monday Musings

With the easing of restrictions across the country coinciding with the holiday weekend, there was a sense on the news that many were on the move again. 

There were lines for restaurants and bars, the campgrounds and beaches were full in many places and groups showed up at the park with their coolers and fishing poles to enjoy a picnic lunch and day by the lake.

They say it takes six weeks to break a habit and now after nine weeks of the stay-at-home order, I’ve broken so many habits I have no idea some days what I’m in a hurry to return to out in the world.

While many are busiest during the summer, previously I’ve always preferred to avoid the summer crowds and the heat when possible.  The dog days of summer have joined the twisted days of May and due to the heat, humidity and Harper continuing to cope with her anxiety attacks, my stack of books and movies are calling my name louder than the world.

22 responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. First of all, that top picture of the swan is fabulous. Second, I don’t think we should be putting rings on our fingers and bells on our toes just yet as we launch ourselves back into society. The virus is out there. Our country has not done a particularly good job with keeping things under control. Your regular summer routine might be just the thing to do during this time of plague.

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    • A pessimist must have poured that quarter glass of medicine!😁 I’ve been surprised by many of my reactions throughout this crisis and have to admit to being surprised that right now I’ve peacefully accepted my choices for a very quiet summer. Although, my acceptance mood today may be influenced by that fabulous golf match yesterday and if they don’t figure out a way to bring back sports, Harper and I will both need an emotional support dog.🐾😁


  2. This returning of crowds, seemingly oblivious to what we just went through, makes me nervous. I’m dreading Wave 2 (I find it hard to believe there won’t be one, call me paranoid).
    I’m not eager to get back out there any time soon. Maybe in August?? Let others go test the waters first. We’re still in the high risk category to my thinking, after all. Sigh. Good thing the backyard is a happy place to be. 🙂
    Do you think Harper is picking up the vibe? Does she find comfort being with you? Maybe a baby carrier for her anxious moments? But that could get old for you, eh? 😉

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    • I’m planning on a quiet summer at home and as crowded as the lakes and parks are already, there will be very early morning walks and kayaking and plenty of reading. It’s impossible for me think about everything that has happened and even want to go anywhere that’s busy and I’ve discovered that once it got warmer that I’m one of the few that is still wearing a mask outdoors. I’ve been researching anxiety issues and have a vet appointment soon, but I’m still baffled by what is going on with Harper since nothing is triggering the attacks (other than glancing at the ceiling suspiciously). She will be absolutely playful and happy throughout the day and then at some point in the evening she’ll have an anxiety attack out of the blue. I’ve been trying all the recommendations on how to help ease the anxiety when it happens and I’m able to calm the situation very quickly now, but I’m really hoping this is a phase that will quickly pass like the others. There was a time when I thought she would never enjoy walks or be able to walk down the driveway with the scary garbage can, but she now marches along happily and I’m hoping we’ll work our way through this new issue.🐾🙂

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      • I will be working from home till at least the end of September, and certainly don’t plan on straying far just yet. Our daily death tally in the UK this last two days is now in double figures rather than triple figures but we still need to be careful.

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