Monday Musings

With the easing of restrictions across the country coinciding with the holiday weekend, there was a sense on the news that many were on the move again. 

There were lines for restaurants and bars, the campgrounds and beaches were full in many places and groups showed up at the park with their coolers and fishing poles to enjoy a picnic lunch and day by the lake.

They say it takes six weeks to break a habit and now after nine weeks of the stay-at-home order, I’ve broken so many habits I have no idea some days what I’m in a hurry to return to out in the world.

While many are busiest during the summer, previously I’ve always preferred to avoid the summer crowds and the heat when possible.  The dog days of summer have joined the twisted days of May and due to the heat, humidity and Harper continuing to cope with her anxiety attacks, my stack of books and movies are calling my name louder than the world.