Birds and Books

Watching the great documentary, The Booksellers, about the New York rare book world inspired this weekend’s reading list of Book Row by Marvin Mondlin and Roy Meador about “the American story of the bookstores on Fourth Avenue from the 1890s to the 1960s” and Old Books, Rare Friends by Leona Rostenberg and Madeleine Stern “about the companionship of two rare friends and their shared passion for old books.”  The movie and books brought back wonderful memories of all the fascinating characters I’ve met in used bookstores and on the pages as I always left with a stack of books.

11 responses to “Birds and Books”

  1. Fantastic action shot there! 😀
    Oh Books! Glad you have so many good reads – and movies. 🙂
    I often think my ideal occupation should have been in an old book shop with a small coffee corner attached! 😀

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I’ve been in a great reading binge and I love when something you read or watch triggers a search for more books. I have to drive for awhile to visit one of those old bookstores with the coffee shop and if I had one in town I would be there every day.📖🙂

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      1. Lovely to have a reading binge. 😀
        I thought of you today as I looked for a book to buy at The Crazy Store and saw Jeffrey Archer – you read him don’t you? Can’t remember the title but it was about WWII and I thought maybe a bit heavy – so I opted for a simpler read – Nora Jones. 🙂

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      2. Love the name of your store and I have read Jeffrey Archer over the years and always have a stack of “beach read” books to enjoy.📖🙂

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  2. Looks like a terrific Doc. I’ll be putting it on my watch list.

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    1. Loved the documentary and remembering all my favorite bookstores over the years and the wonderful hours spent searching for books.🙂

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  3. Booksellers are becoming a rare breed. May their fire never be extinguished!

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    1. Many of my favorite used and new bookstores have closed over the years and I miss those days of planning my weekly trip to them. I still prefer an actual book in my hands when reading and love adding to my collection, but now I go to the bookstore with a list and miss those days of wandering through a few bookstores. It was interesting in the documentary to hear the enthusiasm from a younger person about the book business compared to the older generation and the fact that many in the millennial generation are still buying books. After watching this, I’m ready to start spending more time wandering the shelves in whatever bookstore I can find.📖🙂

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  4. Checked out the trailer, and will definitely watch this – thanks for the info!

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    1. Loved the documentary and I’m ready to visit a few bookstores, which means I’ll need to find space for a few more bookcases.📖🙂


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