Flowers And Movies

I always love when I can add another favorite to my lists and this week the absolutely wonderful documentary Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy was added.  I loved my introduction to Diana Kennedy, enough that I’m determined to start cooking again since our restaurant days are on hold, and “Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy provides an intimate look at the leading expert on Mexican cuisine.  The author of nine acclaimed cookbooks and a two-time James Beard Award winner, Diana is called the “Julia Child of Mexico,” but the feisty cook prefers “The Mick Jagger of Mexican Cuisine.”


7 responses to “Flowers And Movies”

  1. The Mick Jagger of Mexican cuisine is quite the description.

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    1. I’ve already bought the book and a cookbook!📖🙂

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  2. A new name for me, and I’ll be following up – the Julia Child (or Mick Jagger!) of Mexican cuisine? Count me in!

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    1. I loved the feisty woman and the documentary! I found her life to be fascinating and I bought the book and a cookbook and have been busy reading articles. She’s also referred to as a culinary anthropologist, but prefers ethno-gastronomer. She lives a sustainable lifestyle and I wish the documentary was longer and had included more about her thoughts on the world and her travels throughout Mexico.🙂


  3. Wonderfully beautiful photos.

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