Monday Musings

I saw an article the other day on how the quarantine has strengthened the marriage of Kevin Costner and while watching the new season of Yellowstone, there may have been a brief thought about being trapped in a house with Kevin Costner for five months, but then that was quickly replaced by the question of what little minor things did they actually bicker about.

In our household there has been a disagreement about who should be drinking the Faygo grape or red pop.  If you’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy the pop that was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1907, trust me you would bicker about the last Faygo grape in the refrigerator (the original grape flavor was based on a cake frosting recipe).

Another great favorite Michigan tradition is Guernsey Farms Dairy, which has been around since 1940, and surprisingly I can be reasonable about my favorite ice cream brand and there has never been an argument about who gets the last scoop of ice cream.  Reasonable goes out the window though regarding their fabulous chocolate milk in the fridge and everyone knows it’s off limits.

I thought all this time I’ve been spending on the lake would have improved some of my relationships, but I think my favorite mean swan actually gave me the avian version of flipping me off last week.