Tuesday Tunes – Should I Stay Or Should I Go

I don’t usually buy a blended white wine, but when I saw the mixtape label I had to add it to the cart.  Loved mixtapes in the ’80s as much as I love playlists now and Should I Stay Or Should I Go is the perfect mixtape song to combine with this wonderful wine for the Stranger Things marathon planned for the July 4th weekend.

  Mixtape: Blended White – 2017 Leelanau Peninsula – The Story

“My brother and I remember making mixtapes of carefully arranged tracks meant to convey a specific message to the listener.  So too our wine, Mixtape, was made to capture the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Mixtape is a field blend of several varietals.  We fermented this wine at cooler temperature to capture the fresh fruit aromas.  Balanced with a touch of sweetness, this wine will have you pining for auto-reverse.”

Peter & Michael Laing – Big Little Wines

2 responses to “Tuesday Tunes – Should I Stay Or Should I Go”

  1. I think you should definitely stay and drink that wine in your yoga pants.

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    1. LOVE my yoga pants and this wine!!😁

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