The Week In Seven Photos

As I wander through the slow flying days thinking they’ve added an extra Thursday to the week, 

somehow I’m a little surprised that the July 4th holiday has arrived.  My timing is definitely off since I actually tried to go out a few weeks ago to buy a few summer outdoor items to only discover that everything was either sold out or already removed from the store.

Luckily I did not have to worry about that on my first return to my favorite bakery.

With temperatures in the 90s for the next week, there will only be counting license plates on the lake,

catching a little very early morning sun and 

visiting my favorite moody heron on the lake

before hiding out at home with a wonderful selection of items in the kitchen, now that I’m getting the hang of grocery shopping and cooking again, and big plans with Netflix, Amazon and my latest edition to the library, The Last Flight by Julie Clark.