The Week In Seven Photos

The month of July usually begins with me having the wonderful excuse to hide indoors from the heat watching the Tour de France and baseball, but as nothing is normal, I spent some time outdoors in the morning watching the blue jays have to air out their wings by 9:00 a.m.

We’re still hoping to see our favorite teams this year, but with the daily news and sports reports I’m beginning to doubt that it’s going to happen.

I never made it further than my yard with the camera, so I’m sure I missed seeing the heron in a good mood, but

I had plenty of characters to keep me entertained at home.

With plenty of refreshments on hand,

including a few from my favorite hard cider company, and a wonderful selection of Havarti cheese from Denmark

there was plenty of time to watch the blue jays enjoy being New York Yankees fans for the day.