Thursday’s Double Feature

I love when you enjoy a book, tv series or movie so much that the excitement continues after it’s over and you find yourself immediately on the internet discovering other books written by the author or movies/shows with the same actors, or dashing off to Baskin-Robbins for Stranger Things ice cream or somehow torturing your dog with a Baby Yoda sidekick after watching The Mandalorian (Harper has now made it perfectly clear that she never asked for a sidekick and she’s not particularly fond of the Minions loitering about the house either).  This week it happened again after watching the very interesting documentary A Seat At The Table about wine-making in New Zealand and the wonderful filmed version of the Broadway musical Hamilton.  I now have a bottle of Mt. Beautiful North Canterbury Sauvignon Blanc 2019 so I can enjoy a glass of New Zealand wine while I read Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow which was the inspiration for the amazing musical produced, written and composed by Lin-Manual Miranda (click on titles/names for more information).