The Week In Seven Photos

While wandering through my days this week, now permanently called “Someday, Noneday, Whoseday?, Whensday?, Blursday, Whyday?, Doesn’tmatterday” after reading an article in The New Yorker on the Lexicon For A Pandemic, I was reminded of my journey toward a simple lifestyle that began in the ’90s.  It would take another twenty years of making small and big changes along the way to finally learn to live a daily lifestyle of finding the simple enjoyable moments in life that always help to enjoy the good days and get through the bad days.  Now granted, I never envisioned Baby Yoda as a companion (neither did anyone else I know) during those simple moments of enjoyment, but that’s part of the fun in discovering what can make you smile during a day. 

Along with wonderful movies, books, Baby Yoda and great cereals that I believe can be chosen for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the other things that made me smile this week was how peaceful Harper looks sleeping,

cloud and bird watching,

enjoying a sunrise with the ducks quacking me up,

seeing our lone turkey being the only one during his daily visits enjoying our burnt grass,

smiling at a beautiful flower after much needed rain

and no week is complete without the simple joy of a delicious dessert.