The Week In Seven Photos

Have you ever experienced the dreamy sensation of walking through a mystical door

and discovering yourself on a path you’ve wandered before, but then suddenly you’re not really sure it’s actually you walking on that path since while the scenery is exactly as remembered, nothing about you feels or looks familiar. 

Am I dreaming, did I let go into another dimension or is this strange unfamiliar sensation because of the times and that I haven’t returned to the hair salon for highlights and had to ask my mom the other day to cut my hair.  There was such confidence in her voice when I asked how things were going and if she was taking off a little over an inch.  Imagine my surprise and laughter when I looked at the ground after she finished to see three inches of hair and hear the mother knows best comment that I definitely needed that much cut off.  So, maybe I’m not in a dreamy state and it is me reflected in the bee’s eyes, but then

why is the world spinning out of control

as extraordinary magical butterflies flutter around the garden

visiting psychedelic flowers with

an adorable little creature chillin’ in the sun celebrating the return of baseball.