Monday Musings

It was a weekend of Netflix & Chilll’d and the ice cream was as good as the episodes of Down To Earth With Zac Efron and The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes (click on shows for trailers).

There was also plenty of baseball on the tv and while Harper so far does not appear to be a big baseball fan and isn’t sure she really wants her own Bryce Harper jersey, she does come running whenever she hears me yelling Harper after Bryce Harper does something exciting (or strikes out).

If I would let her, she would much rather spend her time chasing rabbits and

teasing the chipmunks while

for some strange reason she completely ignores the squirrels strolling around the yard

enjoying their snacks.

13 responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. Lovely close ups of the little critters 😀 And Harper is so blonde! I would never have guessed she would turn out so. 😀

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    1. 🙂Thank you!🙂 Everything about Harper has been a surprise and it appears she plans on surprising me daily with something new.🐾😁

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      1. Aw But that is cute 😀

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  2. What a fantastic name for an ice cream! Harper looks as adorable as ever. Funny how she goes for rabbits and chipmunks but is indifferent to squirrels.

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    1. Thank you and loved the ice cream and the name!😁 It’s very strange that Harper will lazily watch the squirrels, but try to bolt off the deck the second she spots a rabbit. There are so many rabbits and chipmunks running around the yard this summer and a few chipmunks have actually almost ran right into Harper as they’re darting around the yard.🙂

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      1. Very strange, indeed.

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  3. Harper doesn’t look too thrilled with her new jersey. 😉

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    1. 🙂Harper’s already a complete drama queen and at this point I don’t think she’ll ever believe that having her photo taken isn’t some form of punishment.🐾🙂


  4. Very cool. I’m sure Harper is going to like football much better.

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    1. 😁Thank you and her attitude better improve by football season!🏈🐾😁

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  5. Maybe Harper is a soccer or hockey fan? I can recommend the Flames and Everton – lovely shirts and jerseys, and never ending disappointment…

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    1. Harper is happy I’m now in a complete sports funk and not distracted by the games. For the life of me I cannot figure out the hockey playoff format and all my teams keep losing and we won’t even talk about my thoughts about baseball.🙂


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