Tuesday Tunes – Back In Black

It’s during weeks like this when you realize Hells Bells your favorite all-time album Back In Black, by your favorite all-time rock band AC/DC, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary that you wonder how have the years drifted by so quickly.

Through a fog of wonderful AC/DC music and concert memories, remembering telling mom that Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution,

there’s no doubt that the attitude and music tastes have somehow remained the same over the years. 

The title track, along with the whole album, have been blasted countless times, but it has always been You Shook Me All Night Long and Shoot To Thrill played most often and the loudest and it’s amazing to think how Thunderstruck (different album, but love the song) I am that I’ve been listening to them for forty years and that they would now have to add my new favorite wine in a can to the lyrics of another favorite song from the album.  If it’s possible, for just a moment “don’t worry about tomorrow” and Have A Drink On Me (click on song titles for fabulous songs/videos).

10 responses to “Tuesday Tunes – Back In Black”

  1. Like the use of black and white. Tempus fugit.

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  2. Pure class. Did your mum agree it ain’t noise pollution. 🎶🎸🎶🍷

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    1. 🙂Thank you!🙂 While my mom and I have shared a love of movies, books and her favorite musicians she definitely has never been a fan of my favorites, other than Van Morrison (I recall getting my first headphones from her around the time this album was released😁). Cheers!!🎸🍷😁


  3. Cool black and whites. I remember when I was 16, listening to AC⚡DC on my Walkman (not a Sony of course but a cheap supermarket own brand) through headphones on a 15 mile bus journey one evening to see my boyfriend. My favourites were Hell’s Bells, You Shook Me… and Whole Lotta Rosie. Ah cassette tapes 😂

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    1. 😁Thank you!😁 Enjoyed reading about your AC/DC favorites and memories! Made me smile thinking about those wonderful cassettes that I eventually played in my yellow Sony Walkman after I finally got tired of carrying my boombox blasting AC/DC favorites!!🎸😁

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      1. Ah yes, the heavy old boombox, devourer of batteries.

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  4. Haha, turn it up! I got in so much trouble for blasting out the cannons on “For those about to rock” – I might have to go play it now. Headphones on, of course!

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    1. 😁I miss those huge headphones from the ‘80s, it’s just not the same blasting AC/DC over these little AirPods!🎸😁


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