The Week In Seven Photos

During these topsy turvy days where confusion reigns I find myself desperate for facts and honest answers and thought I would go straight to the source and ask the chicken why she crossed the road and imagine my surprise when it swore and let me know “I’m a free-range chicken and I do what I want.”

This further reinforced my desire to have little conversation with strangers out and about not knowing who is on the verge of losing it and decided to try and create a little bubble of escapism.  Since my iPhone does not have a special app or button to quickly transport me to my parallel universe and it never responds to “Beam me up, Siri”, I decided an iPhone artistic escape was good enough and through several new apps floated in landscape murals of peace with an Egret and

the deer that are visiting with two fawns in tow that are still camera shy.

It was easy to become addicted to the intense colors

and quickly dive deep down the rabbit hole

of artistic filters and effects to the point I was framing my artwork

 and for a moment almost convinced myself that this version of the world was real.