Monday Musings – 50 Word Story

Back in the ’90s Seinfeld was my favorite show and who knew decades later life would become a permanent episode of “Bizarro World.”

At dawn the day arrives appearing normal,

but then the hours roll along and

with a subtle shift on the surface

the “bizarro” creeps into the scene.

12 responses to “Monday Musings – 50 Word Story”

  1. haha Lovely set of photos 😀

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  2. I enjoyed this! I don’t much enjoy “bizarro” world lately…
    I’ve run out of things to cross as we hope for a change starting November!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 My escape into photography, books, movies and music continues as I’m too stunned at the state of things and fear what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month…in bizarro world.


  3. Bizzaro world is right, but oh my, those photos ❤

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  4. Seinfeld is the best show!

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    1. Love the show and still love rewatching the series!😁

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