The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

One of those weeks with nothing going on, the minutes slowly inching by and to make the days even longer I decided to tackle the family project of learning how to wipe old computers and remove and destroy hard drives.  I will spare you the rambling in-depth description of how someone who knows very little about computers accomplished this task, but I do believe the more therapeutic approach would have been to take the computers out into the yard and smash them into little bits with a sledgehammer.

As the days dragged on, Harper was acting like we were already deep into the dog days of August and it wasn’t even worth waking up for a a few biscuits.

I could blame the rainy days, but it feels like a current of melancholy swept through

and I could barely celebrate a surprisingly deserted morning at the park.

I think someone needs to take my phone away from me because my addiction to this Fireball filter is not only having a strange effect on the atmosphere,

but also upon me and the flowers, who like Harper, were not in the mood to awaken to the world.

One happy soul this week is Harper’s best buddy, who is thrilled with the extra attention whenever Harper sleeps and quits dominating the room

and biting his ears (Harper says it’s only an occasional nibble).

20 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. It does seem as though the whole world is just waiting – for 2020 to pass I guess! 😀
    Love your photos and Little Harper, who is learning to Play Nice! 😀
    As to old computers, I think I’d have taken the sledgehammer approach! I congratulate you on your achievement in wiping your old devices clean. It is scary just how much information is still on them!
    Yesterday I managed to resuscitate my old smartphone – and even with no sim card, there was so much info just sitting there – photos, emails, personal details! Scary!

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  2. I just read that even Michelle Obama is feeling blue, and she noted that it’s okay not to feel okay. I think most of us are feeling blue right now. But, it sure makes me smile to look at pretty Harper.

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  3. We have some old laptops need to destroy around here too. I heard drilling holes into the hard drive is an option. Who would have thought they’d be so hard to get rid of! Enjoyed your photos as always 🙂

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    • Thank you!🙂 Going forward computers will be destroyed the minute they are replaced and I’ve learned so much this week that I almost feel like I could start a computer destruction business.😁


  4. I’m pretty sure you have to use a sledgehammer, you know, just to be absolutely certain you got everything…
    This has been a tiring year, and it’s only August. Thank goodness for dogs, beer and wine, and a long list of books still to be read.
    I hope things improve for you over the weekend!

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    • Thank you!🙂 I’m working on the last batch of computers and never volunteering for this family project again!! I’m trying to shake off the exhaustion and finally made myself go kayaking this morning. It did improve my attitude and if I didn’t believe I’d hurt my back with the sledgehammer, I would happily smash this last batch of computers.😁


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