Monday Musings

I’ve always loved the power of words and the ability of a writer to masterly compose a sentence that leaves you swimming in the depths of the powerful emotions they evoke.

I don’t have any such sentences like that for you, but I do have a few words and phrases that have been bandied about. ย I thought it might have just been a puppy phase, but now I’m beginning to accept that Harper is a Nervous Nelly and has to cautiously approach life. ย She’s not happy with the horse comparison or turkeys in the backyard, but

the bunnies these days are not frightened of anything and enjoy dining companions.

Last week there was a debate about the proper word to describe my attitude and after eliminating malaise, depression and moody, it was decided melancholy was the word of the week.

I wasn’t sure what would lighten the melancholy mood, but surprisingly it was a word often used by my mother and shared by my grandparents from the old country that had my mother and I laughing when I told her that Baby Yoda, while wearing her babushka, went for a swim after falling off the kayak.