Monday Musings

I’ve always loved the power of words and the ability of a writer to masterly compose a sentence that leaves you swimming in the depths of the powerful emotions they evoke.

I don’t have any such sentences like that for you, but I do have a few words and phrases that have been bandied about.  I thought it might have just been a puppy phase, but now I’m beginning to accept that Harper is a Nervous Nelly and has to cautiously approach life.  She’s not happy with the horse comparison or turkeys in the backyard, but

the bunnies these days are not frightened of anything and enjoy dining companions.

Last week there was a debate about the proper word to describe my attitude and after eliminating malaise, depression and moody, it was decided melancholy was the word of the week.

I wasn’t sure what would lighten the melancholy mood, but surprisingly it was a word often used by my mother and shared by my grandparents from the old country that had my mother and I laughing when I told her that Baby Yoda, while wearing her babushka, went for a swim after falling off the kayak.

14 responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. Seeing Baby Yoda certainly lightens my mood. Hope she enjoyed her swim. As for Harper being a nervous Nellie. I can sure sympathize. Sigh.

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    1. Glad Baby Yoda could bring a smile to your day too!😁 I keep hoping she’s just being a drama queen and not a nervous Nellie, but I’m now afraid that she is both.🐾😁

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  2. Lovely photos. 🙂
    Can’t believe the rabbit and turkeys together! 😀
    And poor baby Yoda! I hope he floated!! 😀

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I don’t know what is going on this year with the rabbits, but they are at the feeders more often than the squirrels, birds and turkeys and refuse to budge for anyone. The way the week was going I commented before I went kayaking that I hoped I didn’t drop my camera in the lake and was glad it was only Baby Yoda taking a quick dip.😁

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      1. Oh dear – yes, your camera would have been a worse disaster! 😀

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  3. Glad to hear baby Yoda can swim, you never know what can happen while kayaking.
    Had to chat with Mr Google to find out what a babushka was in case it was a new swimming aid. 🏊‍♀️☘️

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    1. 😁Harper was glad she was home safe and it was Baby Yoda and not her falling out of the kayak!🐾😁 It’s not your traditional babushka, but the Baby Yoda version was enough to break the mood and have my mother and I laughing and my niece looking at us a little strange.😁

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  4. Oh those clouds and inky sky.

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  5. Guess she needed to cool off! 😉

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    1. Baby Yoda needs a life jacket to match her jersey and babushka!😁

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  6. Baby Yoda can lift melancholia (and X-wing fighters – or a kayak?!)

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    1. Baby Yoda exhausts easily as she learns how to use her powers and by the time she was done lifting my spirits and protecting Harper there was no energy left to lift a tree.😁 My theory on battery operated yard equipment is that the companies assume if you’re too old to use the powerful machines that they should limit their actual battery life to a very short span for your own protection and that the user should be able to hear over the noise of the machine someone recommending several times to call a tree removal company.😁


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