The Week In Seven Photos

So much happening in the world this week and there was so little I actually wanted to talk about, which was a relief for the wildlife.  Feel like talking about the cancellation of the Big 10 college football season, the state of college and professional sports and, as a lifelong sports fan, my complete lack of enthusiasm watching sports during a pandemic and without fans – nope!!

Interested in debating why we don’t have a rational safe national education plan instead of the million different policies across the country attempting the difficult planning for children and teachers in the new school year – certainly not! 

How about a lengthy discussion concerning our country’s complete failure regarding COVID-19 testing, policies and behavior – nah!

What about reminiscing about all those frogs that had to be kissed before finding Prince Charming – never!

Could have a brief chat about the strange occurrence of a middle-aged woman hanging out with Baby Yoda – only if you dare ask The Mandalorian the same question.

Maybe a brief explanation about this latest interest in black and white photography – no can do, don’t have a clue!

We could commiserate about the fact that there is still 80 long days until the election, or that when I finished destroying all the old computers I turned on our laptop and discovered it no longer worked or that instead of cruising in the annual Woodward Dream Cruise all week I’m hanging out with the birds with little to say, but enjoying joining them in flipping a wing to the world!

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  1. Hannah says:

    Love these photos especially the swan ones.

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  2. In from work and ‘The week in seven photos’ always put a smile on my face. But a large grin spread across my face has i read this weeks post, yes it amused me. Good to see baby Yoda has dried off and i love the square format photos.
    Have a good weekend.
    George ☘️

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    1. 😁Thank you!😁 I’m so glad you enjoy the weekly review, but probably in the future it would be best not to write them after I’ve spent three hours on the phone trying to repair my computer and watching the news.😁 I’ve really enjoyed the black and white photography and this was the first week I experimented with the square format. With everything in our world out of control, I think using the camera and apps to make my world feel a little different has helped. Thank god Baby Yoda enjoys kayaking and having her photo taken since Harper made it clear again during a recent photo shoot, that you will see tomorrow, that she does not enjoy my hobbies.🐾😁 Enjoy the weekend!📷🎸🏍😁


  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Hope the weekend goes better!

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    1. Thank you and enjoy the weekend!🙂

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  4. Oh, shoot! I know that every topic you touched on is serious, but this post sure did make me laugh. Especially the baby Yoda quip and photo. And it makes me feel better knowing there are people like you in this world.

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    1. 😁Thank you!😁 I was on my way to getting even more carried away with everything I wasn’t talking about this week and I’m always glad when Baby Yoda comes to the rescue and lightens the mood.😁

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  5. scifihammy says:

    hahaha Well I enjoyed your Not talking about anything! 😀 And all the lovely b/w photos. 😀

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    1. 😁Thank you!😁 I’ve been doing quite a bit of ranting this year and now I’m trying very hard at mastering the art of ranting without talking about anything!!😁

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      1. scifihammy says:

        hahaha Well done! 😀

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  6. Jet Eliot says:

    I enjoyed your wildlife photos, ACI, espec. the first two: the swan Iso elegant) and the bluejay in the pines. Best wishes for the company of more beautiful wildlife in your weekend.

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    1. 🙂Thank you!🙂 I will be searching for those peaceful moments with the wildlife this weekend and hope you enjoy the weekend.🙂

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  7. jillslawit says:

    What a lot to not talk about. Some of the current conversational stuff is too depressing to discuss for long. Thank goodness we can talk about your nice black and white photos and swans.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I’m now surprised that there was a piece of me thinking back in April that by September things would begin to improve. The reality now is that I’ve given up thinking it’s going to improve while we just had our highest number of new cases in our state yesterday since May (1,121). The swans have been a constant companion this summer and I think the meanest one on the lake is a fan of Baby Yoda because he’s never let me kayak that close to him.🙂

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  8. Sheila says:

    Love these photos in b&w and the framing adds so much to them! 😍

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  9. It is weird indeed watching sport right now. Doesn’t feel the same.. I watch ⚽️ 🎾 🏎 🏉

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    1. Football, baseball, hockey and Premier League are my favorites to watch and you’re absolutely right, it currently doesn’t feel the same.🙂

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  10. plaidcamper says:

    Keep kayaking and keep ranting! Whatever it takes to get through the days…
    School starts here after Labour Day, and I’ve no idea what it will look like. I’m not employed by a school board, so I won’t be taking classes, but I’m not sure the community I work for is convinced schools will be safe for children, and, by extension, elders back in the community. It’s a stressful time.
    Another beer, I think!

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    1. The schools in our state also start after Labor Day and all the districts are still submitting their plans with the majority choosing virtual learning or a combination of virtual/in-person. There have been many protests and late night board meetings and as our cases are now the highest since May, things could still continue to change by the start of school. An extra beverage is definitely needed for this stressful time.🙂


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