The Week In Seven Photos

So much happening in the world this week and there was so little I actually wanted to talk about, which was a relief for the wildlife.  Feel like talking about the cancellation of the Big 10 college football season, the state of college and professional sports and, as a lifelong sports fan, my complete lack of enthusiasm watching sports during a pandemic and without fans – nope!!

Interested in debating why we don’t have a rational safe national education plan instead of the million different policies across the country attempting the difficult planning for children and teachers in the new school year – certainly not! 

How about a lengthy discussion concerning our country’s complete failure regarding COVID-19 testing, policies and behavior – nah!

What about reminiscing about all those frogs that had to be kissed before finding Prince Charming – never!

Could have a brief chat about the strange occurrence of a middle-aged woman hanging out with Baby Yoda – only if you dare ask The Mandalorian the same question.

Maybe a brief explanation about this latest interest in black and white photography – no can do, don’t have a clue!

We could commiserate about the fact that there is still 80 long days until the election, or that when I finished destroying all the old computers I turned on our laptop and discovered it no longer worked or that instead of cruising in the annual Woodward Dream Cruise all week I’m hanging out with the birds with little to say, but enjoying joining them in flipping a wing to the world!