The Week In Seven Photos

I went old school this week listening to albums (ok, vinyl for some generations) on the new turntable, after I recently discovered sometime over the decades the old one gave up hope of ever being played again, and I’m amazed at how much I had forgotten about the experience.  It was shocking to discover after years of listening to other formats, that I still haven’t figured out how not to leave fingerprint smudges and that I actually had to move and walk to the stereo to change sides on the record (alright, alright, vinyl) in order to listen to all of the songs (and there are so many that have never made it to a playlist). 

I was trying to remember the last time I consistently listened to LPs during my transition to cassettes, CDs and iPods.  I almost forgot that I also recall listening to 8-track tapes and the occasional forty-five (whatever, I’ll quit burying my head to the fact that my language dates me and vinyl it is).

The more I think about it though, I’m not sure that someone who remembers growing up with a black and white tv that you had to walk over to and change channels should use the term vinyl (also, back in the old days one never dared to actually change a channel while parents were in the room).

Next thing I know, I might begin talking like the little hipsters and whippersnappers

while drinking kombucha and pouting over adulting.

This was suppose to be about listening to some great old albums this week instead of talking about the younger generations, but when I first hooked up my turntable to the old stereo system I could barely hear the lyrics because of all the crackling static that scared poor Harper and had all of us trying to block the sound.

Immediately I thought why in the world did these youngsters bring back albums when the music sounds so good on my CDs and music library.  Well, once the right speakers were hooked up and I could convince Harper to quit hiding, we begin to float and groove to fabulous sounding tunes, briefly apologized for the generational mutterings and appreciated the fact that I’m getting additional exercise walking back and forth to the stereo.

16 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. haha A lovely trip down Memory Lane! 😀
    I still have my record player, tho it plays albums a little too slowly!
    When my kids found some of my old 45s, many years ago, and asked, “What’s this?” I really felt my age then! 😀

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    1. 🙂Thank you!🙂 I felt my age this week when I had to laugh that I had all these great music memories over the years, but for the life of me I could not remember if the record player worked the last time it was turned on.😁 Love the new turntable and it’s been wonderful listening to our old albums, that we’ll definitely be keeping, and I have a feeling I’ll be adding to the collection.😁

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      1. Yay that’s excellent. 😀

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  2. Lovely photography! 😎

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  3. A trip down memory lane! Despite growing up listening to “vinyl,” I embraced the new technologies and haven’t looked back. Even gave away all our albums, which my husband still grouses about. 😉

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    1. I moved the stereo into a different room with the thought if we don’t begin using it that it’s finally time to finish that music chapter. I was very surprised after years of enjoying the new technology that I’ve loved listening to our album collection again and am already thinking about some favorites we missed these last few decades that may need to be added to our new “vinyl” collection.😁

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      1. Nice! And why not? If it makes you happy and you’re not hurting anyone, do it. And do it again.

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  4. Great post! I miss records, and the idea of listening to an entire side, then having to get up and flip it. An attention span was required, and you thought about the entire album – do I prefer one side over the other? And sleeve art. Gate fold sleeves! You had to look after each LP, they were treasures to be cared for. Got a scratched record? Part of the listening experience…
    Must be getting old!

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    1. 🙂Thank you!🙂 I actually initially thought the old stereo system would be joining all the old computers, but I’ll have to hand it to the little whippersnappers – I LOVE VINYL!!😁 I’ve been on a little bit of a cleaning/reorganizing binge (which has not been appreciated by others) and when I could not find my original Back In Black album, I ordered a new vinyl plus Western Stars by Bruce Springsteen (I’ve since found the original Back in Black with more fingerprint smudges than the new one). The sleeve art is even better now with the new vinyls and I’ve enjoyed looking at all the artwork on our old albums. All week I’ve been playing albums and making comparisons between those with great artwork and multiple classics on each side to those with just a plastic sleeve and one or two hits. I could not believe I almost scratched my new AC/DC vinyl trying to remember how to use a turntable.😁


  5. Haha, thanks for the walk down Memory Lane. LPs aren’t really all that long-playing now that we have CDs, where we can listen for 72 minutes without returning to change it. Sometimes I play old cassettes and get annoyed how short they are!

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    1. 🙂Thank you!🙂 The CD unit in this stereo holds five CDs and that has made it really feel like the album side has ended too soon. Harper also thinks it ends too soon since after all the initial static and crackling she views the stereo as a scary monster and hides behind the coffee table every time I stand by the turntable changing sides and trying my best not to leave fingerprints.🐾😁

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  6. Ah memories of albums -LPs, 33s and 45s. The crackle, the fingerprints, the getting up to turn the record over, the cover artwork, the balancing a penny or a small blob of blu tack on the needle head to weight a light jumpy record…I had a Rupert Bear and a Mr Men album when I was little. Sadly our last record player got broken during house moving about 15 years ago when one of us stepped back to avoid a load of stuff, and stood on it. Oh kids, there was a golden time before downloads. Thanks for the reminders 😀 and the photos.

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    1. 🙂Thank you and I so enjoyed your trip down record memory lane!🙂 It has been wonderful listening to albums again and I’ve been surprised to be reminded of all that I lost forgetting to appreciate musicians and their complete albums. I may never create another playlist!😁

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