Monday Musings – 50 Word Story

A peaceful scene should inspire

enlightening thoughts and

all I’ve got is that I no longer enjoy popping M&Ms in my mouth throughout the day

and instead of wrestling the kayak into the water I would prefer leaving it floating on the lake by the dock and jumping in gracefully. 

14 responses to “Monday Musings – 50 Word Story”

  1. Nice photos 😀
    And yeah, I’d also leave the kayak in the lake – but I don’t think I could jump in Gracefully! – Most likely capsize it! 😀

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    1. 😁Thank you!😁 The graceful landing is indeed wishful thinking (broken bones sound more realistic😁) after a summer of wrestling the kayak on and off the kayak stands, dragging it into the water while spilling my coffee everywhere and wondering as I try to get out what in the world has happened to my balance this year.😁

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      1. Well it sounds difficult to me! Maybe you could counter the balance problem by adding a nip to your coffee? 😀 😀

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      2. 😁I think I’m going to skip the kayaking and go with the relaxing idea of enjoying the sunrise and nip of Baileys in my coffee while sitting on the dock.😁

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      3. hahaha Good idea. 😀

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  2. That second picture sure is a beauty! And I know just what you mean about candy therapy. After awhile, it gets old.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The candy therapy is no longer working and for some reason my food preferences are changing weekly during these stay at home days.🙂

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      1. Same. Probably a good thing. 😉

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  3. Great heron capture! The lake looks so idyllic…

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  4. Wonderful photos and yet again right place at the right time with the heron.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I’ve been having staring contests with them all summer and it was fun to finally see one fishing and moving.🙂

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