Thursday Tunes – Eruption/You Really Got Me

Van Halen

9 responses to “Thursday Tunes – Eruption/You Really Got Me”

  1. RIP, Eddie! What a guitarist!

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    1. Love their music and he is one of my favorites since the ‘80s. Wonderful memories watching him play the guitar in their old videos and seeing him in concert.

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  2. I’m still sad that Eddie has passed. I’ve been jamming VH since I was in High School. Rock on, Eddie!

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    1. Love their music and an Eddie Van Halen fan since the early ‘80s. I saw them at Pine Knob in the ‘90s and he was the first member of my all-time favorite guitarists.

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      1. Excellent! I saw them at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, excellent! I’ve seen many shows at PK too. Not too far from where I lived and went to High School. I watched a ten minute guitar solo he did at the Hollywood Bowl on Instagram today. So amazing, the best to ever do it!

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      2. Thanks for sharing the amazing guitar solo and now I see I have a few more to watch. I’ve seen some fabulous concerts in Detroit, but Pine Knob has always been my favorite concert venue.


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