The Week In Seven Photos – 50 Word Story


through the days,

it feels we’re very slowly inching towards Election Day.

Needing distractions, this week’s obsessions were too many Kettle potato chips while binge-watching travel adventures, Gangs of London and Tehran,

charming bird feeders,

fall color,

 an enjoyable novel and wine shoppe expedition searching for autumnal hard ciders.

14 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos – 50 Word Story”

  1. Looks like another great week. 😀
    And I love Harper in her little hat – especially the glance she’s giving you! 😀 😀

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    1. Thank you!🐾😁 Harper let me know with that look if there is one more hat I can find a new drinking buddy.😁

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  2. Beautiful photos – pretty garden and love the raindrops on the mums. Harper is such a cutie!

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    1. Thank you!🐾😁 The gardens and parks were full of beautiful colors this week and Harper and I have to work a little bit on her Halloween spirit.🐾🎃😁

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  3. A moving recording of an oh-so crazy week, when the mad king seemed even madder. Wonderful sculpture, and my husband is right with you with the chips, even though nowadays he must use a lot of restraint. But even on a low-carb diet, he can have them once in a while, if he plans for it.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 One of my favorite autumn outings is a trip to the cider mill, but with the mental exhaustion from the pandemic and political events (and the crowds) I was too tired to make the trip. Amazingly, I made some great discoveries while looking for my favorite hard ciders on my wine shoppe expedition, including those fabulous potato chips that I was immediately addicted to. I’ve never chosen chips over chocolate and that just shows how much stress I must be experiencing counting down the days (25) until the election.🙂

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      1. I hear you! Oh, do I hear you. The king of chaos makes it hard to focus on much of anything.

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      2. I just had to turn the news off for the day, again!

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  4. Charley Harper Boorman! Ok, I made that up…
    What a week. Just when you think it can’t get any more bizarre, up pops Trumpolini, mad as can be on experimental meds.
    Gangs of London looks good, will catch that sometime. No Premier footie this weekend, so will continue enjoying that top of the table feeling a bit longer!

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    1. Thank god I have enough chips and tv series to help me survive along with a new Jack Reacher novel at the end of the month to escape the final week before Election Day!! At least I can celebrate tonight that the second debate was cancelled and new episodes of my latest obsessions. Everton should be ready for a big win over Liverpool when they return!!


  5. Harper doesn’t look too impressed with the little hat. 😂😂 I hope you enjoyed your cider.

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    1. The caramel cider was fantastic and so far Harper is refusing to look at costumes for Halloween.😁

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