The Week In Seven Photos

It’s been a week of revelations, since childhood I’ve always wanted a super power and was so happy to discover after I voted that I’ve had a super power all along.

Discovering new words always makes me smile and this week I learned trumpery is an actual word that means worthless nonsense and derives from a Middle French word meaning “to deceive.”

I have no idea how many kayaking outings are left in the season, but my favorite ornery swan made it obvious this week that he’s not going to miss me over the winter.

It appears Harper only enjoys photos when she can photobomb a shot

and still has no interest in making friends with Baby Yoda.

It was not a surprising revelation that staring up at the fall colors all day is not the best idea for vertigo,

but I’m not sure I’ll notice too much with my head already spinning over the news of a 2nd COVID-19 wave hitting our state as we’re reeling from the revelation of a kidnapping plot against our governor.

To escape all the craziness and endless leaves, I watched the great new PBS series Van der Velk, This Mountain Life and A World of Calm.