The Week In Seven Photos

It’s been a week of revelations, since childhood I’ve always wanted a super power and was so happy to discover after I voted that I’ve had a super power all along.

Discovering new words always makes me smile and this week I learned trumpery is an actual word that means worthless nonsense and derives from a Middle French word meaning “to deceive.”

I have no idea how many kayaking outings are left in the season, but my favorite ornery swan made it obvious this week that he’s not going to miss me over the winter.

It appears Harper only enjoys photos when she can photobomb a shot

and still has no interest in making friends with Baby Yoda.

It was not a surprising revelation that staring up at the fall colors all day is not the best idea for vertigo,

but I’m not sure I’ll notice too much with my head already spinning over the news of a 2nd COVID-19 wave hitting our state as we’re reeling from the revelation of a kidnapping plot against our governor.

To escape all the craziness and endless leaves, I watched the great new PBS series Van der Velk, This Mountain Life and A World of Calm.

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  1. scifihammy says:

    A busy week and lots of lovely photos 😀

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  2. dianaed14 says:

    Interesting collection and some fun. Love the autumn colours.

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  3. Eliza Waters says:

    I esp. love that canopy shot – the trees and sky beyond make such a wonderful contrast. Hope your vertigo is gone!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Even with the world spinning it’s impossible not to look up at all the colorful trees and there is no rhyme or reason as to when my vertigo will eventually disappear. Enjoy the weekend and fall colors!🙂

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  4. cloverandivy says:

    Great photos. I too can get vertigo from looking up at trees.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I’ve tried to just take photos of all the leaves on the ground, but it’s impossible not to look up at all the beautiful trees.🙂


  5. John says:

    The kidnapping attempt is insane. Just what the world needs… My sister texted me about this, I’m like what the he**!!

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    1. This whole year has been insane and I was just stunned watching the news concerning our governor. Our COVID-19 cases are as bad as back in March and it’s going to be a very long winter.

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      1. John says:

        Being positive, we’ve got to be as safe as possible by following the established rules to help stop this. I was at an outdoor mall today, most were wearing masks, those who weren’t were getting a scowl from me under my mask. I called my dad in Lapeer today, he’s doing fine, thank God! Be safe. 👍🏻

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      2. It helps with the colder weather and kids back in school that the parks are not very busy and with the high number of cases we will probably go back to curbside grocery pickup. I never leave home without a mask and I’m glad you and your family are staying safe.🙂


  6. Wonderful series, as always. Really like the picture of dear little Harper with Baby Yoda. I think many of us feel as though we have vertigo as this country spins, spins out of control. We can only hope that November’s election will at least get us started on the right path. Fingers, toes, and everything else crossed.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 They are predicting a record number of voters this year and I hope we are celebrating in a few weeks. Some days between the pandemic and election I feel like it’s a constant state of tension and holding my breath that long may not help the vertigo situation.🙂


      1. Fingers, toes, and everything else crossed!

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  7. plaidcamper says:

    Super powers! Hope that ends up with a win… That plot to kidnap the governor? Oh dear. You can’t make it up.
    Beautiful fall colours, and Harper and Yoda will get along eventually!
    I’m looking forward to waking up and reading a match report about Everton winning the Merseyside derby, and will no doubt be disappointed so console myself by watching This Mountain Life – looks good.
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I have more faith in my super power than Harper and Baby Yoda becoming friends. Between the governor, our highest COVID-19 cases (2,015) since the pandemic began and the chance the super powers fail, as soon as the kayak is put away for the year I may not leave the house for months. I’m sure I have enough books and shows to survive. I loved all the mountain scenes in This Mountain Life, Charley Boorman’s travels and the wonderful Snowfall episode narrated by Cillian Murphy in A World Of Calm. Almost makes me wish we were one of the spots in Michigan getting snow this weekend. I did a little research on the Merseyside Derby and tomorrow is ten years to the day since Everton’s last win over Liverpool and I’m expecting a 3-1 Everton win!! Enjoy the weekend!🙂


  8. jillslawit says:

    Lovely photos and an interesting new word. Trumpery, Haha that definition made me giggle.

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    1. Thank you and I really enjoyed learning and sharing that new word!!😁

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  9. Beautiful fall scenes! And Harper looks happy with baby Yoda.

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