The Week In Seven Photos

With the general feeling for the week best described by the following photo, I wasn’t sure how I was going to come up with any humorous insights or highlights for the week.

With all the major issues in our country causing mental and physical fatigue, it almost feels like any new problem or unpleasant topic could just send me round the bend.

I’ve spent a lifetime helping my mother search through her purse every time she thought see lost a credit card (always finding it somewhere in the purse), so you might be able to imagine my crazy hour of panic (hoping nobody was watching) when a missing credit card was not in my purse.  It was finally found and I’m going to blame all these insane pandemic months of reorganizing on the fact that I have no memory of organizing my wallet and finding a safe place for rarely used credit cards. 

During these social distancing days my “stay out of my bubble” attitude has strengthened tremendously, so once again you may be able to picture the shock of not knowing someone was standing right behind me until he scared the bejesus out of me asking for my cart when I finished unloading the groceries, which, of course, caused me to jump and drop my case of pop in a mud puddle with cans rolling everywhere.

There was a chance between rain showers for a walk with Harper, but between the fatigue and my glasses fogging I’m not really sure how much I appreciated the scenery.  Although, I am seeing new things on every walk as Harper stops to explore more often and I wonder how I missed the trout bench arms all these years. 

Harper thought we should we take a seat and relax a moment to appreciate the fall colors

and remember a few things we liked about the week.  The exceptional documentary The Way I See It about Pete Souza who was the official White House photographer for a portion of Ronald Reagan’s time in office and during the entire Obama administration was exactly what I needed to snap me out of my funk (it’s being shown again this Saturday night on MSNBC).  Another highlight for someone who has never recovered from Hillary Clinton not being president was Bette Midler’s role in the film Coastal Elites and the good movie week wrapped up with The Trial of the Chicago 7David Byrne’s America Utopia and Harper feeling the vibes of the Talking Heads (click on the movie titles and Talking Heads for great trailers and a favorite song).