The Week In Seven Photos

Let’s blame the following thoughts on the full moon this week, but I think some spirit slipped into my home this year and has hypnotized me into changing lifetime traits of my personality.

Just my luck, the spirit is an extroverted vegetarian insomniac.  Those days of being a sound sleeper like Harper have been replaced with being wide awake at 3:00am,

with plenty of time to prepare for our sunrise photography outings,

and amazingly after a lifetime of avoiding vegetables, I’ve been choosing spinach for dinner while dreaming of ordering my favorite appetizer at a loud and crowded pub.

The spirit must also be a grinch because by this time of year my blog posts are usually filled with Christmas songs and decorations, but mentally it feels like I’m permanently stuck in March as I coast through the late fall  and early winter days.

Thankfully the spirit was disinterested in sports and music and I can continue to celebrate the great seasons of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Tottenham Spurs

and enjoy wonderful Bruce Springsteen albums and documentaries for Western Stars and Letter To You and Springsteen on Broadway.