Thursday Tidbits

Enjoyed my first book of the year, The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman, and after thinking about which favorite British actors could be cast as the lead characters, I discovered that Steven Spielberg’s production company has bought the rights to the book…As the NFL playoffs begin I’m hoping that it will be the Green Bay Packers vs. Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl…NHL season begins next week and I’m already excited about the thought of a Toronto Maple Leafs/Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Final…Manchester United joined Liverpool at the top of the League Table…Fabulous musical escape in the Laurel Canyon documentary being shown on Epix…Discovered new favorites Jack Bannon and Pennyworth watching the Epix series…

10 responses to “Thursday Tidbits”

  1. Nice! This sounds like a good Thursday.

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  2. Wonderful tidbits to brighten up a cold, dark month.

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  3. Leafs/Capitals? No room for Flames?!
    Liverpool will finish higher than Man Utd, but both will be behind Everton…
    Yup, living in a fantasy world – might as well, it’s more pleasant there than some places. Yikes.

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    1. Yikes is right and after the last 30 hours, I’ll stay in the sports fantasy world for this moment imagining Kane and Mourinho celebrating a Premier League title, knowing I’ll be happy watching the Leafs or Capitals raising the Stanley Cup (sorry Flames fans) and dreaming about the return of fans next season.🙂


  4. At last Man Utd are doing a little better. They might not win the Premiership, I just hope Liverpool don’t.

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    1. Already looking forward to their match on the 17th!😁

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