Saturday Songs – Realize

“Feel the chill, feel the chill” – AC/DC

10 responses to “Saturday Songs – Realize”

  1. What better way to start a gray Saturday than by listening to AC/DC? None! Listening right now.

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      1. And be excellent to each other.

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  2. That video put a smile on my face!

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    1. Even though it’s early in the year, it already has my vote for best rock video of the year!!🎸😁


    1. Let’s hope Man United warms things up today with a win over Liverpool!🙂

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  3. Well it was a chilly start, but Man U came into the game more and did have the best chances, but nil nil against a good Liverpool side is a decent result under the circumstances. Bruno Fernandez should never have been subbed off though.

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    1. Great to see them at the top of the League Table!🙂

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