The Week In Seven Photos

I’m glad the very gray month of January is almost over.

Between adjusting to the facts that Harper is now acting like a bossy independent teenager instead of the sweet little puppy that enjoyed following me around

and that I’m now walking around wearing two masks,

I thought a trip to the grocery store was necessary for a few items to enjoy

while I continue binge-watching The Split, C.B. Strike and Unforgotten.  I think the birds are being offered a more nutritional option since all that ended up in my cart was wine, cheese and edible cookie dough.

I’m sure Harper will drag me away from my shows, the new Denzel Washington movie The Little Things and hockey for another cold winter walk 

through the snowy fields.

16 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. Great diet for birds. Snow is lovely but makes me feel cold

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  2. Fantastic photos! My two favorites are of the the turkeys and of the peekaboo shot of the cardinal. A long January, both on a personal level and for our nation. And here we are, wearing two masks when we go out. Let’s hope the vaccination process soon goes into warp speed. Can’t wait to get mine.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Hard to believe we still have two more days in January and it’s probably too early to complain it’s been a long year. With the bitter cold the birds enjoyed extra snacks again today.🙂

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  3. Glad you got the essentials at the store to supplement your binge-watching. 😉
    Are you getting this frigid weather? I’m not even going to try walking today or tomorrow with the windchill well below zero.

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    1. Perfect weekend for great shows and snacks after this morning when it felt like zero as I was trying to capture photos of the wolf moon and later in the morning Harper and I spent more time driving through the parks than walking.🙂

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  4. Farewell, January! Oh, hi there, February…hmm.
    The last photograph made me laugh!
    Inching towards a vaccination, and to spring.
    Stay safe and well, and on Harper’s case!

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    1. Thank you and Harper and I will continue to battle through her teenage moods!🐾😁


  5. Wonderful cold snowy photos. I can’t cope with one mask let alone two! Your lucky birds are very well fed.

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    1. Thank you and the birds continue to be spoiled!🙂 I’m surviving the layers of masks when necessary, but still try to go for walks early in the cold mornings when everyone else is still warm at home to avoid people and wearing them more than I have to.🙂

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  6. I think the dock photo is my favorite.

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  7. I went for my first covid jab today wearing my plastic visor and with my mask exempt notification. As I’m only out at weekends and in isolated places I am no risk to anyone. Cold mornings really are good for avoiding people 😀❄

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    1. We’ve been getting so use to walking alone that Harper looks amazed when we actually see another dog walker in the distance.🐾😁

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