Winter Blast

A snowmobiler’s dream

Racing across frozen lakes

A fine winter blast

14 responses to “Winter Blast”

  1. Beautiful but cold …. or should I say cold but beautiful? … Oh well, you can decide.

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  2. A fine winter blast, indeed! By the time it got to Maine, the storm fizzled out, and we only got four or five inches. A good thing, considering we had to make our way to the vets with a dying cat. Still, we were surprised not to get more.

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    1. We have more snow on the way and it’s going to be freezing next week. Our lovable pets that offer so much joy and companionship can break our hearts when they’re ill. I’ve been thinking about you today and hoping Ms. Watson is trying to make you smile and remember her playful days with Sherlock.

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      1. Oh, yes! You are so right.

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  3. A fine winter blast, and a very fine photo too. Your winter blasts seem to have blown East and hit the Pennines.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 We have more snow arriving tonight and then a deep freeze is arriving for a week.

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      1. Again, same here right now.

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  4. liked your post and wonder who or what left all those footprints

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    1. Plenty of people enjoying snowmobiling, ice fishing and ice skating on this lake.🙂

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