The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

Harper and I have been wandering alone through these frigid winter days

equally fascinated by any footprints

or animal prints we come across as proof that we’re not all alone and the rare sighting is not a mirage.

Mr. Cardinal has had a different issue lately wishing for a little alone time with Ms. Cardinal and has been

throwing his wings up in disbelief over all the backyard bird parties.

He’s requested that I cancel the Super Bowl bird party, but since bird watching has replaced people watching and watching Ms. Cardinal’s shenanigans has more appeal than the football game, we’ll be busy again this arctic weekend watching Ms. Cardinal socialize with everyone.

Especially interesting has been her fascination with the double dipping blue jays as she flashes those lovely wings just a bit Too Much for Mr. Cardinal’s liking.

17 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. Your repertoire of feeder birds is impressive, ACI, to someone like me in Northern California where there are no northern cardinals or bluejays. Your photos of the snow and birds and wintry wonderland are stunning. Two terrific quarterbacks will get some of the attention in our household this weekend. Cheers!

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    • Thank you!😁 It’s just a constant bird party in the backyard and Ms. Cardinal is having a fabulous time! I don’t know if you’ve seen those squirrel picnic tables that became a thing during these days of isolation, but I think the turkeys and cardinals have been spending so much time on the deck that they’re going to request a few tables and chairs. Enjoy the weekend!😁


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