The Week In Seven Photos

With weather this week our coldest in two years there was plenty of time for frozen photography and Netflix binge watching.

Highlights of the week were the wonderful snowy sunrise out on the lake and watching the fantastic Firefly Lane on Netflix.  While I was watching their friendship and society change over the decades, I was reminded of a not fond memory of my first pair of glasses in middle school (seems they were very similar to those in the trailer).  My mother tried to convince me mine were much smaller, but, of course, my niece quickly piped up that she remembered them from old photos.

I had a very serious case of ice envy this week looking at all the amazing Great Lakes ice photos on Instagram and was a little disappointed with my attempt to chase lakeshore ice shards.

Trust me, there is a wonderful display of ice gathered under all the snow.

While it was a big week in the sports world, I somehow could not tear myself away from Netflix and found myself also binge watching Emily in Paris and Last Tango In Halifax.

All the shows were so good that even on a five degree morning it was difficult not to take a seat by the lake to rehash all my favorite scenes from Firefly Lane and dream about Paris,

but unfortunately even my wonderful imagination could not transform Michigan winter dining into those wonderful cafe scenes from Emily in Paris.

18 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. Great blog and beautiful photos

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  2. A wonderful collection – but the second image is extra wonderful!

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  3. Well, Paris is hard to beat any time of year. But your photos are breathtaking. I’ve watched and enjoyed “Emily in Paris” and “Last Tango in Halifax.” Haven’t watched “Firefly Lane,” but I will check it out. I can wholeheartedly recommend “Call My Agent,” which I’ll be featuring on my blog today.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Loved Firefly Lane and escaping to Paris with Emily! I plan on watching Sweet Magnolias next and I’ll move up Call My Agent on my watchlist.🙂

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  4. Sounds and looks chilly – stay warm!

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  5. Wonderful winter scenes, but goodness, so cold, and quite enough to prompt thoughts of Paris in late spring!

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  6. I so enjoyed your words here today, ACI, and the accompanying photos. I found your ice and snow photos magnificent. I espec. like the first one with the sunrise and tire tracks. Your photo demonstrates it is obviously a lake and obviously so cold that the ice is thick enough to hold a car. That second photo with the snow mounds and sun rising, with the snow reflecting the sun is great too. The picnic table matched up with your words about a cafe scene in Paris were poignant. But ohhhh, brrrr, I cannot imagine living in this frigidity and I salute you for going outside in it.

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    1. Thank you and I’m so glad you enjoyed the visit to a very cold Midwestern week!🙂 I haven’t walked out onto the ice in years, but once I made those few first steps I kept walking and it was a beautiful cold morning on the snowy lake.🙂

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  7. Wonderful frozen images ❄ Last Tango in Halifax is filmed a few miles from me, but I’ve never actually watched it. Enjoy your binge watching in the warmth.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The binge watching continues as our very cold snowy days continue. They mention Huddersfield and I wondered if your walks were close to the filming locations of Last Tango.🙂

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      1. Some will be, when I’ve dipped over into the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale where Halifax is. I also work in Halifax when I can go back into the office after Covid restrictions, whenever that will be.

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